Tuesday, 6 December 2011


A thumb is attached to the main hand bone through two finger bones. One of the fingers comes from the end of the thumb up to the finger joint that joins the rest of the hand. The other one comes from the finger joint up to the space between the first finger and the thumb. A thumb is very vital in the hand of a human being. It supports the other fingers to accomplish any job that is done using hands. It is very simple to realize in case you have a thumb fracture. Therefore, there are various symptoms that occur in case you have a thumb fracture. They include:

· A lot of pain on the fractured thumb

· A state of swollen

· Inability to twist the thumb

· Abnormal looking of the thumb among others.

How can the thumb fracture be treated?

You are supposed to visit a physician immediately. In case you hesitate, to take the treatment, there are various problems that can occur. Some of them include the fractured joint will not be stable and it is not possible to hold anything well. Still, it will be impossible to treat the fracture and it will lead to deformation of your thumb. Therefore, it is good to visit a physician immediately to avoid poor outcome of your fracture.

Once you visit the doctor, he or she will record your medical status, look carefully the fractured site and take an x-ray. From there, you will be treated according to the situation of your fracture. In case it is serious, you will be required to have a surgical operation. But, if the fracture is mild you can be treated easily without complications. Therefore, you are supposed to be treated until the bone is well positioned.

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