Thursday, 8 December 2011


The whole process of fracture treatment and healing can be naturally accelerated using natural remedies. Even after the most advanced artificial medical treatment of broken bones, it is much encouraging to indulge into more natural behaviors that are set up to completely seal the healing process.

Natural treatment methods of any kind are the best as they are efficient, long term and much future promising for non-occurrence of the same condition. Natural fracture treatment methods are more associated with the kind of diet a person is taking and also the daily activities one indulges into. Below are just but some of the known best natural methods of fracture treatment.

1. Calcium: Calcium is the building block of strong bones and entire bone development processes. Lack of calcium content in the body slows down the bone development process and generally weakens the already developed bones. Eating foods rich in vitamin D speeds up the body’s ability to absorb calcium element from other nutrients that are injected into the body through an individual’s daily diet. You can therefore include a lot of calcium giving foods in your diet. Such foods include cheese, milk, Chinese cabbages, yoghurt among others. It is therefore very difficulty for people allergic to milk to gain calcium as milk is one of the main sources of calcium in the diet.

2. Comfrey ointment: Application of this ointment externally on the skin around the fracture region speeds up the healing process as comfrey ointment has the ability of stimulating the whole process of bone formation. Over three thousand years ago, Greeks used comfrey ointment made from comfrey tree to treat fractures and this proved efficient. This ointment literally reduces swelling of the fractured region and really speeds up the healing process.

3. Sun basking: Basking on the sun especially the morning sun is a very important activity to take if you wish to have naturally strong bones. The human body is capable of manufacturing its own vitamin D if exposed to the morning sun for sometime, 10-15 minutes for teenagers and 20-30 minutes for old people. Vitamin D is needed with the body to actively be able to absorb calcium, a content needed for strong bone formation.

4. Frequent exercises: it is important for people to enroll into gym classes, sports and general exercises on daily basis to enhance the development of strong bones. Exercises not only strengthen the body but also increase one’s stability hence reducing chances of falling from instability. Strong bones can easily resist external forces that might easily course bone breakages and dislocation. However, strenuous sporting activities such as athletics exposes the feet to repeated stress that could lead to stress fractures. It is therefore advisable not to exercise a lot on only one region of the body but balance the whole activity to include all the body parts.

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