Friday, 9 December 2011

Elbow fracture symptoms

Symptoms of an elbow fracture

The elbow joint is made up with ulna, humerus and radius bones. You find that an elbow fracture can involve all these bones or just one of them. It is risky when a child’s elbow gets broken because it can cause poor development of the bones. A broken elbow is painful and can not bend or straighten properly.  Below are some steps that you can use to detect symptoms of a broken elbow.

• After you have sustained any injuries on the elbow, you should check it properly to see if it’s broken or not. This should be done immediately and look for signs of swelling and deformation.

• Try to move your elbow and if it has any difficulty in moving, you should see your doctor for proper diagnosis as soon as you can. Straighten your arm and reach your shoulder. This happens easily when your elbow is not broken.

• Rotate the injured elbow by holding your hand on side and bend it at a right angle. This should not be painful if the elbow is not broken. It should easily help you feel the symptoms of a broken bone which is usually accompanied with a lot pain and you just want to hold your arm at a motionless position.

• In most cases, a broken elbow will cause numbness in fingers and in your hand as whole. This occurs when the injury has damaged essential nerves like ulnar and median.

• There will be cool sensation around the elbow. This happens when blood vessels have been compressed by the injury. There will be swelling too and it may show that you have a fracture in your elbow.

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