Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Difference between a fracture and a Dislocation

Many people experience difficulties when it comes to telling the difference between fractures and dislocations. A fracture is referred to as an injury to the bone. This normally occurs when the bone is broken. A fracture can also be referred to as, a disruption of the bone’s cortex. On the other hand, a dislocation refers to the complete disruption of a joint. One of the most common dislocations is the shoulder dislocation. However you can have a knee dislocation or even elbow dislocations.

There are many types of fractures depending on the severity and location of the broken bone. For instance, there are fractures that involve part of the bone being broken while others involve the whole bone being completely broken.

Complex fractures refer to the complete damage of the soft tissue around the bone. This is a very serious type of injury. Another type of fracture is the fragment type which refers to the bone being broken into a number of pieces and not in just one place. Open fractures also known as compound fractures normally occur when the bone is torn away from the skin.

When you get a bone fracture, you get medical attention to receive fracture treatment. It is always advisable to keep the fractured part immobilized to avoid further injury. To control the pain, you can take some painkillers.

In most cases, dislocations can be easily be treated by a medic or first aider right on the scene. However, it is always advisable to have the resetting of the bone done by a professional to avoid further injuries.

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